Do you need to shovel your sidewalk? Finally, there’s a map.

Some people living in the older parts of the City of Toronto are required to shovel their sidewalks when it snows because the city does not plow them. However, until now there has only been a very vague map of what areas receive city plowing. Even though the City actually plows some streets within this area, there has been no way for an individual property owner to know if their sidewalk is cleared by the city, or if they have to shovel their sidewalk themselves when it snowed.

At a meeting with City of Toronto Transportation Services in the fall, Walk Toronto persuaded City staff to prepare and publish a detailed map showing which sidewalks are plowed by the City, and which ones need to be shoveled by property owners.

Note a few limitations:

  • The map is not accessible to the visually impaired (who could use it to know which sidewalks are more likely to be safe). Again, Walk Toronto is pushing for a fully accessible map in the future.
  • Even if your sidewalk is plowed by the City, the City ONLY plows local sidewalks after 8 cm of snowfall. So for lighter snowfalls, property owners on local roads still need to shovel themselves. (The City now plows arterial sidewalks after 2 cm of snow).
  • The City only promises to plow local sidewalks within 72 hours.  So it’s still very helpful to people with mobility issues if property owners clear the snow themselves earlier.

Levels of Service for Sidewalk Clearing

North York:



East York:

Dotted lines represent sidewalk plowing on one side only.

Walk Toronto’s ultimate goal is to have the city plow all sidewalks because property owner shoveling is inconsistent.

(This post has been updated now that the City website provides all the maps)