Announcing our new name: Walk Toronto

At a meeting at Metro Hall on the evening of Feb. 13, over 80 participants gathered in order to launch our new group devoted to pedestrian advocacy in Toronto. At the end of the meeting, attendees took part in a vote in order to determine the official name of the organization, and the winning choice was “Walk Toronto”. For the time being our web presence will continue at pedto.wordpress.com , but soon the group’s new web address will be: http://www.walktoronto.ca.

The meeting began with the organizers outlining the need for a group to advocate walking in Toronto. As part of the visioning process, participants discussed walking issues which they considered most important. These will be used as the basis for shaping the direction that Walk Toronto’s advocacy will take. The meeting concluded with the formation of a circle of active volunteers who will perform various roles on an ongoing basis.

We thank all those who came, and helped make the launch of Walk Toronto a great success.

Post originally by Lance Gleich