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Walk Toronto comments on Bay-Bloor pedestrian scramble

Walk Toronto has submitted comments to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) in response to the proposal to remove the Bay-Bloor pedestrian scramble crossing. The comments emphasize our disappointment at the recommendation and the popularity of pedestrian scramble crossings (as noted in the report itself).

Walk Toronto’s key recommendation is:

Walk Toronto recommends that PWIC direct staff to identify alternative intersections that meet the criteria for pedestrian scramble crossings and begin the process of establishing pedestrian scramble crossings at those intersections as soon as possible. Walk Toronto further recommends that the scramble crossing at Bay and Bloor not be removed until at least one has been installed at an alternative location.

Read Walk Toronto’s full comments (PDF).

The PWIC agenda item, and a link to the City of Toronto report, can be found on the City website.

UPDATE: PWIC approved the removal of the Bay-Bloor pedestrian scramble crossing without the amendment we proposed. It will be voted on at City Council at their March 31st meeting. There is still an opportunity to pass our recommendation at that meeting.

Here are some media articles about this issue in which Walk Toronto was quoted: