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Private sidewalk snow clearing, painting street murals, and Traffic Calming Options Manual – Walk Toronto at Public Works

Walk Toronto presented deputations on three separate items at the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) meeting on November 12, 2015.

Mark Earley, a member of Walk Toronto’s sidewalk snow clearing subcommittee, deputed in person on the item “Clearing of Snow from Sidewalks – Current Processes and Future Considerations“. This staff report discussed how to improve snow clearing where private property owners are required to clear snow from the sidewalk. Walk Toronto’s deputation called for better enforcement, but noted that the ultimate solution is for the City to clear all sidewalks. The staff report was adopted.

Read Mark Earley’s deputation (PDF).

Dylan Reid sent a deputation on behalf of Walk Toronto on the item “Options for Permitting Street or Intersection Murals on Local Streets“. Councillor Cesar Palacio had requested staff to create a process to allow residents to paint murals on their streets, as had been done on a street in his ward. However, staff responded with a report recommending against this proposal. Walk Toronto’s deputation addressed the various issues brought forward by staff and argued in favour of allowing communities to paint street murals. The item was deferred to the January PWIC meeting.

Read Dylan Reid’s deputation (PDF).

Mark Jacobs sent a deputation on behalf of Walk Toronto on the item “Traffic Calming Options Manual“. Councillor and chair of PWIC Jaye Robinson proposed the creation of “easy-to-use traffic calming manual for use by neighbourhood groups.” Walk Toronto supported this idea and identified some options that should be included, and some potential sources of information for the manual. The item was adopted with minor amendments.

Read Mark Jacobs’ deputation (PDF)