Leading a walk

Walk Toronto encourages everyone to lead walks. It could be a local walk with neighbours, a walk to explore a part of the city with friends, a walk with fellow parents to audit safety on the way to school, a Jane’s Walk, or anything else. Leading a walk is simple, doesn’t cost anything, and is a great way to get to know neighbours or people who share your interests, to learn about your city, and to identify ways to improve your community. Here are some useful tools and resources to help you organize a walk.

Audit Tool

This tool was designed to help neighbours walk their community and identify things that can be improved to make their streets safer and more appealing to walk, roll and play on.

Jane’s Walk

Thank you to Jane’s Walk Toronto for these resources


After your walk, you may want to take action to get improvements implemented. Here are some resources for how to take action.

  • Advocacy Toolkit (from the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council). Includes tips on writing to city councillors and city staff, and giving deputations.