Walk Toronto at Open Streets TO, Sunday Sept. 16

Walk Toronto will be at Open Streets TO Sunday Sept. 16 from 10-2. We’ll be at the hub on Yonge just north of Wellesley.

We’lll be featuring accessibility experiences, including the Alinker mobility device, and “Walk a block for a new vision”:

“Experience what it is like to navigate your city’s streets without sight.

Learn some basic techniques for using a white cane to find your way on the sidewalk, while relying on your other senses.

Come out of your comfort zone and get oriented without looking. Accompanied by a Walk Toronto volunteer, explore an invisible landscape composed out of textures and sounds; avoid obstacles and find your way to the curb.

You can take your blindfold off at any time, and also ask questions. This is an opportunity to gain awareness of how people with different abilities get around the city and to reflect about the importance of many of the priorities included in #BuildTheVisionTO.”

Come and visit to experience these activities, play the “Do you know your happy streets infrastructure?” game, and talk to Walk TO volunteers.